Orthodontics/Clear Aligners

Orthodontics/Clear Aligners
Orthodontics/Clear Aligners

A straight smile has never been easier to enjoy. Clear plastic trays, known as aligners, can work the magic of braces without the shine of metal. Combined with sophisticated 3D software, this technology brings a new smile within reach for most adults and mature teens.

SureSmile Aligner Therapy

The clear way to your ideal smile. Orthodontic treatment with SureSmile Aligners can help you achieve your ideal smile faster, easier, and more discreetly than you ever thought possible.

-Virtually invisible



-Allow you to eat the foods you like during treatment

-Make cleaning and brushing easy

-Close eye-catching gaps

-Correct overlap/crowding issue

What is SureSmile Aligner?

SureSmile Aligner is a series of transparent, removable and virtually invisible clear aligners designed to progressively straighten your teeth into their ideal position.

How does SureSmile Aligner work?

1. A 3-D model of your teeth is created that allows your clinician to analyze your bite from every angle possible.

2. Using this model and our state-of-the-art treatment planning software, movement of each tooth is calculated with unparalleled precision.

3. Your doctor determines your optimal and completely customized treatment plan.

4. Your custom aligners are made using industry leading clear Essix plastic materials.

Your smile deserves a clinician developed treatment plan. Most importantly, the SureSmile Aligner system gives you the peace of mind that your treatment plan is developed by a dental professional. Using state-of-the-art equipment and software it allows us to see your teeth “root to crown” at every angle imaginable. You can be confident your personalized treatment plan is fully customized and designed for a long-term healthy, happy smile.

Take the first step towards a more confident and healthy smile.

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