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GUM HEALTH – If you had a spot on your scalp that bled when you brushed your hair, even if it didn’t hurt, you would have to be crazy not to be concerned. The same applies to your gums! Bleeding gums are the most often ignored sign of a problem that causes more tooth loss than any other reason. Gums that bleed are also linked to problems that occur such as diabetes, heart disease, problem pregnancies and certain cancers.

Our office will tell you after a simple examination whether you have a problem or not. For those that have a problem, we will be able to zero in on the best treatment by using two simple tests done on a saliva sample you give us. We will be able to see if you possess the genes that make you more likely to have a severe problem and also, since gum disease is a bacterial problem, what antibiotics should be used to fight these bugs. In addition to using these tests, we also can treat this problem with thorough cleaning out of the tartar that builds up and harbors the bacteria. We can further destroy the bacteria with custom-made PerioProtect® trays that fit over the teeth and gums and deliver a hydrogen peroxide gel right to the source of the infection and, as an added benefit, will whiten your teeth! These two treatments combined are a wonderful way to control this chronic disease.

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