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What is a composite resin? Most people know this material as “white fillings”. It is wonderful for fixing smaller holes in teeth. Some of its advantages over “silver” fillings (a.k.a. amalgams) include the fact that it seals the hole in the tooth so bacteria do not get under the filling immediately and, of course, it is a much better match to the color of your tooth. Another advantage is that a silver filling expands over time and very frequently we see cracks develop in the remaining tooth structure because of this.

What are bonded ceramics? In larger restorations, such as crowns, inlays and onlays, you want a material that will be more resistant to wearing away and that will help to support the remaining tooth structure. We use ceramics that expand and contract with temperature changes (like iced tea or hot coffee) just like enamel and they also have the same wear resistance as enamel. This gives you a restoration that has a long-lasting bond and will not wear the opposing tooth faster than normal enamel would. Our office has the CEREC® technology to make these restorations in a single visit!

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